Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Memories and Corsage Tutorial

Honoring Mom


In honor of Mother's Day, I propose that we do something to honor our Mothers. I am changing my facebook profile photo to this one of my Mother from now till after Mother's Day.

Mom, Christmastime, 1973
Also, I've recently spent time on Family History work.  She would be thrilled, and probably flabbergasted, about that one.  As mentioned in a previous post, I spoke to the Johnson County Genealogical Society about using facebook and other social media as a way to promote their endeavors.  One post wasn't enough.  My excitement about the recent release of the 1940 U.S. Census led to a follow-up post, too.

For many years, a Mother's Day tradition was observed in our family.  We all went to church together, and  we all wore corsages or boutonnieres.  The corsages and boutonnieres were special.  They were always made from carnations.  A red carnation was worn by everyone whose Mother was still living on this earth.  If she lived in Heaven, then it was tradition to wear a white carnation.

I remember one Mother's Day when the kids were young.  I bought silk carnations, floral tape, and chenille stems.  Mom came to visit for the whole weekend.  We stayed up most of the night Saturday night making boutonnieres and corsages.

For the last ten Mother's Days, I have been eligible for the white carnation corsage.  If you're blessed to be a candidate for the red carnation, I hope you can spend some quality time with your Mom on her special day.  

Dollar Store Corsage

My dollar store was sold out of carnations, but how about a white dollar store orchid corsage?

Want to make one?  Check out the Candy Box Tutorial.  Follow directions exactly, just use a pin to wear it and don't worry about the candy container. 

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  1. A white one for me and I am so thankful that my childrens are still red.


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