Monday, May 14, 2012

Neighborhood Donkeys

In our neighborhood, four-legged neighbors outnumber actual people by quite a margin. There is no Homeowners Association.  The dozen or so residences here are set on plots of land that measures in acres instead of lots.  A few of my favorite neighbors came to the fence for a visit today.

Donkey in a field of Indian Blankets

On any given morning or evening, you might hear one of the neighbors call to another, " Hee haw, hee haw."  We know their voices well.

Grey and Brown Donkeys in the field.
What is special about your neighborhood?  What sounds do you hear often?

Donkey at the fence line.

What is the view from your window?  Taking these photos today gave me a better perspective about where I live.  Sometimes we forget how blessed we are.  My home isn't perfect.  It needs a lot of work.  What a blessing.  I have a home!  It offers lots of future potential blog topics about home repairs!

Donkey gathering.
The neighborhood of my childhood was in Temple, OK. Neighbors visited each other along fence lines and at kitchen tables.  Mom and Dad enjoyed regularly scheduled domino games with a group of neighbors.  It was friendly and familiar.  Do your neighbors get together for leisurely activities? 

Camera shy donkey.

As the camera comes out, someone is bound to protest or silently turn and walk away. There are all kinds of personalities in the neighborhood.  A handful are happy to pose and smile, while others prefer to go unnoticed.

Donkeys and wagon wheel.

Every group has a leader.  I was able to get more photos of this cute little donkey than all the others put together.  If he isn't the leader, he is certainly the most curious or sociable towards people.

Donkey grazing through fence.

He is looking for the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Papa's wagon wheel flower pot and donkeys.

Papa attached this old iron cauldron to a pair of wagon wheels on an axle to and turned it into a flower pot for Nanny about fifty years ago. HUBBY just planted a day lily in it for me.

Adorable donkey face.

What a face, I love his mug!  Taking these photos of him was so much fun.  Looks like he enjoyed the attention just a little bit, too.

Handsome grey donkey.

I wish you could see the grey fellow better.  He is the most handsome donkey in the entire little group.

Just a nibble from the other side of the fence.
Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?  Should we get to know our neighbors?  Do you just want to hug his neck and give him a nice scratch behind his ears?  What do you hear and see in your neighborhood?  I love to read your comments.  If you have photos of your neighborhood, please share!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my neighbors.  Have a great day!


  1. These are just a few of the reasons that we live where we do. Member? Home sweet home .

  2. I loved your post, such a sweet little blessing of a break reading it. I too have a home that need lots of work but God blessed me with it and I am so happy He did. My block as I live in town is quiet but I miss living in the country. I need to think about pictures of my neighborhood and where I live, maybe a future blog post in the making.

  3. Thank you Pat for your kind words. I would love to read your post about your neighborhood!

  4. Hi Reecea, good to hear from you again on my post about my hydrangeas. No donkeys wandering around my neighborhood as I'm a city girl, but I do love the countryside. Did you see my Texas bluebonnet pictures I took back in April? Guess you can tell I love blue flowers or maybe I should say anything periwinkle'ish. Did you have bluebonnets on your property when they were blooming?

    My neighborhood is a friendly one but we don't get together all that often ... an occasional block party and soon they are having a neighborhood garage sale. Hope I'm out of town for that one :) I think I got to know my neighbors better when I had little ones at home as our boys were always out looking for someone to play with. I am enjoying watching the little boys grow up next door. I do like my neighborhood ... it's quiet and convenient to the essentials ... church, shopping, and schools, when we needed them.

    Oh and thank you for the comment on my blog design. I like it too ... it's me!


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