Friday, May 11, 2012

Easy Candy Gift Box Tutorial


Make this sweet box in 10 minutes for less than a dollar

Perfect for cookies, brownies, or candy, you can dress up this Dollar Tree disposable foil food container with lid  with a multi-stem Dollar Tree flower, some ribbon, and a card in just a few minutes. The polka dot ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.  The Mother's Day Card is a free printable card I found at About.Com Parenting TeensI chose it because the design is attractive for black and white or color image printing.  To add a little pop of color, the heart is outlined with pink highlighter. 

Materials List

1 foil food container
1 flower
1 chenille stem
1 button
18" ribbon
1 sheet copy paper
hole punch


1. Make a very small hole in or near the center of the cardboard container lid.  The hole should be large enough for the chenille stem to fit through, but not much bigger than that.  

2. Remove the flower and the leaves from the flower stem and put the flower top onto your chenille stem.  If it is a two part flower like this one, you can weave the stem around one petal of each part, then run it back through itself and pull to secure it.  After securing the flower top to the chenille stem, put the leaves on the stem.

3. Thread the chenille stem bottom through the hole of the container lid.  It should go all the way down until all you can see on top are the flower leaves and flower top.  

4. Thread the bottom of the chenille stem through a button hole.  Slide the button all the way up until you reach bottom side of the container lid.  Tilt the button and thread the stem all the way through one more buttonhole so that very little slack is left in the stem between the button and the flower.  Wrap the loose end of the stem around itself once or twice to secure the button in place and clip off the extra length of stem.

5. Print your card and fold in half twice to form the card with the front showing.  

6. Punch a hole near the top left hand corner of the card.

7. Write in your sentiment and sign the card.

8. Thread both ends of ribbon into the hole in the card and pull ribbon halfway through, making a loop on one side.  Thread both ribbon ends through the loop, pulling gently to secure ribbon to the card.

9. Tie a knot in the ribbon about an inch from the card.

10. Tie the loose ends of ribbon into a bow around chenille stem just above cardboard lid.

To finish, fill foil container with cookies, candies, or other homemade treats. Secure decorative lid to container by placing it on top and crimping edges of foil container over lid.

I hope you enjoy this little Candy Gift Box.  Please comment and send a photo if you make one.  SPOILER ALERT:  Our Beehive Class used these little boxes to give their Mothers a special treat they prepared for Mother's Day.  Watch for the recipe post coming very very soon.

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