Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Shower Craft: DIY Applique Onesies

My daughter, the very pregnant lady in the tan stripe sweater, has some wonderfully talented friends.  I was privileged to attend her baby shower recently. The hostess, seated just to the left of my daughter, put on a terrific event.  My favorite part was a simple DIY Onesie Applique Craft.  What a fun idea!

Her dining room table was set up with plain white onesies of various sizes in a plastic tub.  A gold dish held assorted cardstock templates in cute shapes: rocket ship, alligator, mustache, sailboat, guitar, and the state of Texas.  The other side of the dish was filled with squares of brightly colored, coordinating cotton prints in shades of blue and green
There were also scissors, pencils, and iron on adhesive with paper backing.

Each shower guest was invited to choose a printed cotton square, a template, and a onesie.  The hostess helped her daughter craft a onesie, too.

Next, it was time to iron the square of cotton fabric onto the adhesive with paper backing.  The ironing table was set up in the breakfast area, and the craft area was set up at the dining table.

After the cotton fabric was ironed to the adhesive with paper backing, it was time to lay the cardstock template onto the paper backing and trace the design of the template onto the paper with a pencil.  

Then it was cut along the pencil lines and taken back to the ironing table and ironed directly onto the onesie.  

Once the applique was ironed onto the onesie, the paper backing was peeled off and voila, the craft was complete! Easy, quick, and fun:)

These are the designs we made.  Mine was the grey mustache in the center.  

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the onesies they made turned out to be very cute.  It was one of the best baby showers I've ever attended.

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