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Hi, I'm Reecea.  Welcome to fresh juniper! The name Reecea was given to me in honor of my maternal grandmother, Orbie Ann Reece Robison.  I just called her Nanny.  My name is Nanny's maiden name with an "a" on the end.  I am blessed to be the wife of the most loving and tolerant HUBBY ever, mother of 4 amazing and talented grown children, and grandmother of five adorable grandchildren who refer to me as Nanny.  They call HUBBY Papa. I am passionate about creativity.  I love sewing, recipes, crafting, home decor, gardening, home improvement, upcycling, music, etc.  Sharing inspiration, creativity, and being a force for good is what fresh juniper is all about.  

The name fresh juniper holds a special significance to me.  The names of Nanny and Papa are set on hallowed ground in my heart.  Here is the back story of fresh juniper:

The juniper trees in my yard came from Nanny and Papa's garden in Temple, OK. I think Nanny's neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Cox, gave her the seedlings from their own yard. Those seedlings she planted grew into sturdy adult junipers. From those junipers, more seedlings came.

When we bought our north Texas home in December of 1985, there were no mature trees here. It was built on land cleared for grazing cattle and farming. Nanny shared some juniper seedlings with us and we planted them in the yard of our new home. Today they spread their fragrant evergreen branches out in many directions. These juniper trees can symbolize many things - renewal, endurance, growth, and shelter. When I look at them, I think of Nanny's love and the wonderful memories I have of her. In my minds eye those memories are still fresh and sweet, just like the juniper. 

1982 - Nanny and Papa, Mom, Me, and PRINCESS on Nanny's patio steps

As a wife, mother, grandmother, Christian, expert seamstress, upcycler extraordinaire, crafter, decorator, gardener, cook, homemaker, hostess, child care provider, Eastern Star Worthy Matron, and genealogist, Nanny was one of the most hard working, creative, loving, and organized people I've ever known. Sharing creativity and inspiration on fresh juniper is my way of following in her footsteps. 

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    Gay Ferland


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