Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Messenger Bag Tutorials - DIY Messenger Bag Collection

 Messenger Bags:  I love them, but can never seem to find the right one in the right color and material in the right price range.  Messenger Bags are wonderful accessories.  Their demographic spectrum spans the full range from seniors to young adults to the kiddos.  I'm sharing my personal favorites in this collection. 

The Weekend Designer is incredible.  This is a blogger that knows fashion and shares his knowledge with those of us fortunate enough to find his site.

Ecolution Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Push The Envelope - Messenger Bag by Weekend Designer

 Zaaberry posts some really cute bags.  Try this one if you're looking for a special bag to make for your special child.

Kids Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest


Kids Messenger Bag by Zaaberry

I fell in love with the braided belt strap when I first saw this Messenger Bag on Pinterest.

Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Braided Belt Messenger Bag by Cold Hands Warm Heart

I had to share this Messenger Bag, Lunch Bag, and Backpack collection of bags by Me Sew Crazy.  As I said in the Kids Backpack Tutorials - Adorable DIY Backpack Collection post, she is one of my favorite bloggers and designers.

Circle Backpack, Messenger Bag, and Lunch Bag Tutorials on Pinterest

Circle Bags: Backpack, Messenger Bag, and Lunch Bag by Me Sew Crazy

What could be easier than a Messenger Bag made from a pillowcase?  I think this would be a great bag for a beginning seamstress.

Pillowcase Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Pillowcover To Messenger Bag by living with punks

Make it and love it hit a home run with this convertible Messenger Bag.  The perfect blend of fashion and function for moms with little ones.

 New Green Mama posted an excellent tutorial with lots of details and photos.  She makes this bag look easy.  I love the fact that it is reversible.

Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest


DSC_4452-edited 2


Reversible Messenger Bag by New Green Mama

Stash Books has a wonderful Messenger Bag designed especially for traveling with kids.  They offer a great tutorial, free pattern, and different versions of the bag to fit different ages and sizes of kids.

Travel Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Travel  Messenger Bag by Stash Books

 A very detailed tutorial with step by step photos is given for this Messenger Bag by BLUEBIRDBABY.  Using a solid color with an accent trim, you could make several in different colors to match different outfits.

Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

New messenger bag tutorial!!

Messenger Bag by BLUEBIRDBABY

The Basic Messenger Bag by mmmcrafts is simple and straightforward.  She doesn't give the tutorial for the design on the flap.  However, if you're not a beginning seamstress, I bet you could come up with several ideas based on looking at these designs.

Basic Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Basic Messenger Bag by mmmcrafts

Did somebody say Decoupage?  Decoupage on a Messenger Bag?  I'm in!!  I love this one by Honestly..., and it is a NO - SEW version!

Decoupage Floral Bag Tutorial on Pinterest

Decoupage Floral Bag by Honestly...

I had to include one more Messenger Bag for the mommies and the babies.  This Messenger Bag is designed to be a diaper bag!

 Messenger Diaper Bag Tutorial on Pinterest


Messenger Diaper Bag by Gluesticks 

I pinned this upcycle Messenger Bag on Pinterest long ago.  It is made from a pair of cargo pants!

Messenger Bag Tutorial on Pinterest


Messenger Bag From Cargo Pants by Wonderwoman Creations

I hope you enjoy this collection. I truly admire the creative genius behind these designs.  Please let me know if you decide to make one!


  1. I just finished the cargo pants one! Except I only had an old pair of shorts with stains and holes so I had limited fabric to work with... luckily my partner found 2 yds of fabric in the closet, so I supplemented with that!


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