Saturday, November 10, 2012

Button Bracelet Tutorial - Sweet and Simple Gifts

These single strand crochet button bracelets were gifts made for our Primary students.  They are simple and versatile, and can be worn as a bracelet or used as a bookmark.

It took about an hour to make ten bracelets.  The total cost was pennies per bracelet.  The students get a reward each week if they complete their reading assignment or talk about a part of the lesson with their family.  Most of the time the treats are edible.   Fast Sunday requires a little more imagination.  The kids seemed to enjoy receiving them.

I liked them so much that I even wore one myself.  Then I decided they were too youthful looking for my taste, so I made something that I could wear myself or use as a bookmark.

The process is the same as the single strand chain stitch bracelets, but three strands of are used in one bracelet and braided together.


Large craft button
Large Eye Needle
Crochet hook (optional)


1. Loosely chain stitch yarn to a length long enough to wrap around the wrist.  Leave a long tail of yarn at each end of the chain and tie off the end.  I am not that skilled with a crochet hook, so I did the chain by hand. 

2. For single strand bracelet, go to step 5.  For triple strand bracelet, repeat step 1 instructions two more times.

3. Tie three strands together where the chain meets the tail on one end and loosely braid together.

4. Braid entire length and tie at the bottom end just like the top.

5. Thread longest tail of yarn through needle.  Insert needle into button eye from back to front and then front to back again.  Remove yarn from needle.  Tie a double knot in the tail on the back side of the button, snugging the knot up next to the button to secure it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.  If you make one for yourself or as a gift, please let me know.  I'd love to hear about it. 

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  1. How cute, and definitely a project a little girl could and would enjoy doing! Thanks for sharing this, and for the sweet comment on my blog :-)

  2. Cute and a nice idea for kids to make as gifts this season. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

    1. Thanks for your kind words Cheryl, and for hosting the link party.

  3. Very cute! I am following you through google + and GF. Thank you for stopping by.


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