Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Fun Foam Postcards For Kids

Sending a postcard is fun.  Making a Fun Foam Postcard for a child and sending it is even more fun.  Imagine the smile on their little face when they open the mailbox and pull out something like this made especially for them.  Surprise!

Fun Foam Postcards

Primary here we come!  HUBBY and I are teaching a class of youngsters together.  This is our first time to share teach a class together.  Since our own kiddos are grown, we don't have as much interaction with the Primary age children as we once did.  We wanted to introduce ourselves to the children in our class in a  way that would get their attention, make them feel special, and let them know who we are, so we decided to make these fun foam postcards!

Dear ________,

You are a  S - T - A - R  (letters wrap around inside points of star) Primary student! (ruby sticker at the bottom of the exclamation point) We are so glad to be your new teachers. (smiley face)


Brother and Sister ____________ 

Fun Foam Postcard Supplies

On the reverse side we wrote the names and addresses.  I took these to the Post Office to find out how much postage to put on them.  Because of their material and content, these postcards can't go through the standard USPS machine.  In the USA, each one takes a regular first class stamp plus a little extra postage.  Check with your local postal department for postage requirements.

 All the materials are available at Hobby Lobby, except for the Disney Pixar Stamps.  Send A Hello (Forever) Stamps featuring Disney Pixar characters from Cars, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up, and Toy Story are available at the Post Office.  We bought a package of 5.5" x 8.5" Fun Foam sheets in bright colors, a package of Fun Foam Glitter Star Stickers, and some Foam Markers in assorted colors.  The generic Black Permanent Markers will work as well as the foam markers.  The Red Round Gemstone Stickers are also from Hobby Lobby.   

Why send a plain postcard when it is so easy to make one of these?  Fun Foam Postcards would be excellent for greeting cards, party invitations, pen pals, grandchildren, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps your child would enjoy making these too!  If you decide to make a Fun Foam Postcard, please let me know.  Have fun with it!

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  1. Cool, the children loved them.

  2. Great kids craft idea! I pinned this from Diana Rambles pin it party #23!



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