Saturday, October 13, 2012

A New Hairstyle - The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

What makes a woman want a new hairdo?  Every woman wants to feel like she looks her best.  Sometime a look or hairstyle becomes...well...tired.  When you get up in the morning, put on your makeup, get ready to fix your hair, and say to yourself, "Well, I'm just not sure what I can do with THIS hair," that is a sign that you may need a new hairdo.   For me, there is nothing in the world that makes me feel prettier and more refreshed than a new hairstyle and some fresh color.

Hair After New Style and Color

I'm not certain whether it is courage or foolishness that prompts me to share with you the unretouched before photos as well as the after photos, but here goes.

Throughout the last 20 years, my hair has become thinner and thinner.  I was definitely in need of a change.  I searched the web for hairstyles that were attractive on people with thin hair.  The beauty advice on the web showed examples of celebrity hairstyles that might also look pretty on women with thinning hair like me.  

Several variations of the pixie cut were shown, so I picked a handful, printed them out on paper, and headed off to my hair appointment.

These were the options, in no particular order, that I considered:

Hairstyle Option One

Victoria Beckham Photo from

Hairstyle Option Two

Natalie Maines Pixie Haircut
Natalie Maines Photo from

Hairstyle Option Three
Dannii Minogue Photo from Celebrity Hairstyles

Hair color Option One

Hollywood's New Crop: Short Hairstyles of the Stars
Jenna Elfman Photo from Celebrity Style

 Hair color option Two

Jane Fonda 1024x768 Wallpaper 11540
Jane Fonda Photo from Lemur Publishing

Just before my hair appointment, HUBBY came home from his regular Saturday morning fishing expedition.  FYI, HUBBY would tell me I looked beautiful if my hair looked like Phyllis Diller's and I was wearing a gunny sack.  At any rate, I asked him which one he liked.  He almost NEVER wants to help me choose a style.  He says he likes it any way I do.  Such a sweetheart!!!  But today, he actually picked one.  Guess what?  It was the same one I picked, Option Three:  Dannii Minogue!  The color option I liked best was Option Two:  Jane Fonda.  I love all the color variation.  However, I told Tiffany, my stylist, that I didn't want THAT much blonde.

This is what my hair looked like just before the new hairstyle:

Hair Before New Hairstyle

Hair Before New Style, Side View

This is me at Hair Zone after Tiffany put the color and foil on my hair.  HUBBY said it would be a great Halloween costume, bahaha!

And this is how it looks after the new style and color.  Tada!  I love it.  

Hair After New Style and Color

Hair After New Style and Color


  1. I usually go with chic looking hairstyles, so it's usually Victoria Beckham that I look upon when I'm needing a new look. She has an amazing sense of style that women everywhere are cringing about. Thanks for this!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I love Victoria Beckham's style too!


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