Saturday, August 24, 2013

You're NEVER Too Old To Play Dress Up! Guest Post by Spoken Melody

Greetings, fellow bloggers! Melody here, guest writer extraordinaire! Today I'm sharing a few sneak-peaks at the DIY COSTUMES I'll be posting over at the Nerdy Nanny preceding one of my favorite holidays: Halloween!!! You're hostess here at fresh juniper gets a kick out of some of the notions I've had as far as get-ups go. Being the super-nerd that I am, I dress up for any excuse I can think of. Movie premieres, Fancy Dress parties, themed soirees, conventions of all sorts, you name it!
Usually I end up battling the age old question everyone deals with on almost a weekly basis: "What should I wear???" The more passionate you are about a character, the more detail you tend to want in your costume. Someone dressed as Batman at a frat party could wear a t-shirt, towel cape, and boxers with black socks and think he's the bee's knees. Someone dressing as Batman for a comic book convention or movie premiere would probably spend either a plethora of time or money on getting the most realistic costume together as possible. It all depends on your own standards. You'll be your own worst critic in the end, anyway.

That being said, here are a few images from future blog posts to look out for.

Star Trek - TNG Vulcan Starfleet Captain (Female)
-this one will feature tutorials on two types of pointy ears AND the make-up for those perfect Vulcan eyebrows.

A Very Potter Musical - Draco Malfoy (as portrayed by Lauren Lopez)
This tutorial will include tips for wigs and hair pieces - as well as advice on staying in character.

For those of you Disney fans - my family did a theme year a while back, Peter Pan! But we were short on characters so I expanded into the character world of Tinker Bell and went as the ever-fashionable Rosetta. This post may actually be a two-post adventure... DIY Fairy Wings, DIY Flower Petal Skirt with costumer's satin, DIY Maple Leaf Wrap, and DIY Boot Covers.

Children's Costumes - DIY Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf
This tutorial will include sewing a basic hooded cape, a no-sew tutu, attaching a hood to a onesie, and tips on working with faux-fur. Also a little advice on how to make lasting memories for young children at Halloween.

The best advice anyone will ever give you in costuming is this. Wear what you want. If you don't see the joy in portraying a character, you won't put any effort into a good costume, and you'll just be wasting time. If you choose to dress as something/someone you really really admire or enjoy, the entire process will be a grand adventure.

If you have any requests on particular DIY costume pieces that you don't see listed here, feel free to request it in the comments and I'll do my best to cover everything in the Halloween Countdown.


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