Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge - Week #32

Welcome to Week #32 of The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.  This week we save thirty-two dollars.  Our total saved now stands at five hundred twenty-eight dollars.  Whoopee, we just surpassed five hundred dollars in savings!!

One good way to save money and eat healthy is packing lunches to take to work or school each day.  Since we're already well into the month of August, a lot of people are getting ready for the start of a new school year.  If you're looking for an new lunch bag or tote, check these out.  Some are made from scratch, and some are refashioned from existing items.  Every one of them has a link to a tutorial so you can make one for yourself.  I believe there is something in this huge collection that will appeal to just about anyone.

I save hundreds of dollars per year by bringing my lunch items from home to work instead of eating out every weekday.  I do go out to lunch every now and then, but try to keep it to a minimum due to the expense.  

If you have a fashionable tote to carry your lunch, it makes it so much more fun!  If you have kids in school, make a bag for them.  There are some really cute kid-style bags in the collection too.  This one is a free pdf pattern that can be used to make a lunch bag OR a gym bag.

If you're new to the Challenge, welcome aboard! You can start with thirty-two dollars this week and add a bit extra each week if you want to catch up with us. Alternatively, you could begin this week as Week #1 with one dollar.  Whatever works best for you is fine.  For a free printable chart, check out Stuck At Home Mom's 52 Week Money Challenge.  Happy saving!

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