Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge - Week #43

Welcome to Week #43 of The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.  This week we save forty-three dollars. Our total saved to date is nine hundred forty-six dollars.  

We are officially nine weeks away from finishing this year's challenge.  Let the countdown begin!


If you are new to the challenge, welcome aboard!  Jump in and save the weekly amounts with us. You'll have over four hundred dollars saved by the end of this year!  Alternatively, you can begin this week as your Week #1.  Save one dollar this week, two dollars next week, etc.  Whichever works best for you is great.

Whether you're starting now or you've been saving with us from the beginning, please let me hear from you. I'd like some feedback about your own experience with The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.  What worked best for you?  What advice would you give others?  Any ideas for improvements?  How has it helped you? What have you learned? The Suggestion Box is open.  I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. Hi Rebecca, I think its so cool you have this Money saving challenge. I love it. Its not easy for younger people like ourselves. In addition to saving a few dollars weekly, I think its important to save money in general whenever possible. For eg- save on your bills, insurance, using coupons etc.
    One website I do read occasionally is

  2. Hi, Reecea. I just found your blog through the Family Home and Life directory and I'm looking forward to browsing through your many posts. I started my blog Things my Grandkids Should Know about a month after you started yours but you have been so much more productive.


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