Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Photo Game for Kids with PicMonkey - Makes Memories Even More Fun!

I just love playing with my grandchildren. I take lots of pictures whenever we're together.  Photo memories are so important! A Photo Game is free and easy way to share some fun AND give a gift that reinforces a good memory.

How did this Photo Game happen?  

While editing photographs of the grandkids using PicMonkey online photo editing software, I was inspired with the idea to use some fanciful overlays to make the photo into a game for them.   The idea of the game is to try and find all the different flowers, critters, etc.  Just keep track of how many you used and what colors they are when making the game.  That way you can help the child know what to look for when they play the game.

One of the fun overlays for the Photo Game is called Buggles. In this photo example,  I used Buggles to add the snail, then a different overlay to give the snail a mustache.

As I said, this photo is used as an example only.  I put many different overlays onto a single photograph for the Photo Game.  That makes it more fun.

I took this shot of GERONIMO's family while we were on vacation visiting the Tyler Rose Garden.  GERONIMO is the kid on the left sitting by his father.  Baby brother is in the stroller. GERONIMO likes bugs so his game has lots of them!


Last year we visited a local carnival.  COCHISE really enjoyed driving the train!  He also loves hippos and stars, so I put lots of them into his Photo Game.

COCHISE Photo Game

Another fun place we visited during vacation was the Discovery Science Place in Tyler.  Tinkerbell had a blast  shopping at a pretend grocery store for kids.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves flowers.  I put over 20 flowers into her game. Then I added a hot pink scalloped frame.


My grandchildren love their Photo Games.  To save money and time, I send the photo to their Moms online instead of printing out a hard copy. What a fun way for me to do something creative for them that gives them enjoyment too!  Of course using the photo reinforces their memory of the day the photo was made and what a great time we had.

Wanna make a Photo Game for a child you love?  Tell me all about it.  Maybe you could even share the photo with us!  Have fun!

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