Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seen Along A Road In Texas - Lone Star Legends #2: K-911


It's time for another edition of Seen Along A Road In Texas - Lone Star Legends.  There are so many captions I can think of for this photograph.  Here are just a few:

Super Dog

Doggie EMT

Doggie Paramedic


Doctor Doggie

Daddy, if we dial 911 will he come and take our Fido to the hospital?

Daddy, if our dog has an accident on the carpet, will K-911 come and clean it up for us?

I saw the canine and his owner in my rear-view mirror and could hardly believe it myself.  Know what makes seem even funnier?  The location where the photo was snapped.  You'll probably won't believe me, but I shot it at a four-way stop sign....right in front of the hospital.

Do you see funny sights along the road where you live?  You never know what you might see along a road in Texas.

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