Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge - Week #12

Welcome to Week #12 of The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.  This week we save twelve dollars.  Including this week, our total savings is currently seventy-eight dollars.  Congratulations to everyone who is taking the challenge with me.  It is worth the effort.  Expect a nice pay off for your actions.  By following The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge as directed, you will have saved one thousand three hundred seventy-eight dollars cash by the end of this year.  I think of it as one big lovely reward.  The best part is that we did it all on our own.  

If you are new to the challenge, you can catch up with the rest of us by saving seventy-eight dollars this week and then following the weekly challenge savings plan.  If you can't quite do that, why not start from the beginning?  Make today Week #1 and  continue on from there.

For weekly challenge updates, subscribe to this blog via blogger, google, or email. For a free printable chart, check out Stuck At Home Mom's 52 Week Money Challenge.  Happy saving!

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