Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roll-Out Cabinet Organizers Installation Tutorial

Roll-Out Organizers, The Affordable Way To Transform Your Cabinets

Tuesday Morning Cabinet Organizer $24.99
After seeing the fabulous looking slide out cabinet organizers posted all over Pinterest , I got a bad case of organized cabinet envy.  This all came to fruition amidst my participation in  The 52 Week Organized Home Challenge . While shopping one evening, I saw these at Tuesday Morning in Burleson. They were such a bargain at $24.99.

Lowe's Cabinet Organizer $58.78
 Well, after looking around and comparing prices of other slide outs like these at Lowe's, I convinced my husband that the ones we saw at Tuesday Morning were a fabulous deal!  In fact, we went back and bought everything they had left:  three of these 14" sliders plus two more two-tiered sliders and one extra large 17" slider.

The slide out organizers are very simple to install, and most come with the full set of hardware, a paper template, and instructions.  Place the template flat and centered inside the empty cabinet where you want the slider installed.  Folding the tab marked "Front of Cabinet" over the edge helps ensure that you align your sliders straight and hit the right depth

Place the slider (aka glider) rails in the cut outs of the template, making sure the tracks for the slider shelf (basket) are facing inward. 

Most of these slider rails will have about four holes for screws on each side.   Drill starter holes about 1/8" deep into each of the four holes in the slider rails, then attach the rails using four 5/8" screws and a screwdriver.  I highly recommend using a cordless electric screwdriver like this one.

 Repeat this process for the opposite side slider rail, then remove and discard your template. Slide the slider rails forward, align the lower rail of your shelf (chrome basket) with the clips on the slider rails, and snap into place.  Voila, you are done!

Slide Out Cabinet Organizer Installed - Pots and Pans Cabinet
My pots and pans cabinet looks so spiffy now with the new chrome slide outs.  I am in love with these things.
Slide Out Cabinet Organizer Installed - Kitchen Appliances Cabinet
 Even my crock pot and mini food chopper looks so much cooler in the cabinet with the slide outs.  And they are so much easier to access too!

This is a great project that should only take you an hour or so to complete.  If you decide to try it yourself, please let me know.  I'll happily share links or photos in a future post.  Good luck!

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