Friday, February 24, 2012

Diary of 5

Diary of 5
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Vase Collection

I am seeing...beautiful antique vases inherited from my Nanny.  The cabinet they are in was custom-made by my father when I was a child.  I remember being small enough to lay down between the shelves.


I am from the movie Gigi. I love movie musicals.  Did you know that Maurice Chevalier starred in this movie?  It won 9 Academy Awards in 1958, including Best Picture.  I love the elegant sets, the music, and especially the glorious Victorian costuming.

I am smelling...barbeque sandwiches and kettle potato chips.

I dill and chili powder that I added to my ranch dip for the potatoes.

Our family fun day  Hawaiian Falls 2011
I am feeling...happy about seeing my family this weekend. We have so much fun together.


  1. Your vase collection reminds me of my Grandmother's pitcher collection. I have inherited a lot of them, but don't have a place to put them out. I just have a few small ones on shelves. The rest are in boxes.

  2. I love Gigi! It is one of my favorite musicals. I actually did not realize that it won so many academy awards.

  3. I have never seen Gigi--I will have to look for it!

  4. what a wonderful collection!! I love being with my family too....soon we will all be together as my oldest will be home from her first year of college for a week in about 2 more weeks!! yippee!! enjoyed your diary of 5....

  5. What an awesome red rooster vase. THAT is a family heirloom right there! Probably worth a billion dollars ;)
    But on a serious note, some of those vases are very beautiful. Maybe consider some silk tulips and filler? They could be used to touch up some spaces like high shelves, fridge tops, fireplace mantles, room dividers, computer desks, empty rooms your children just moved out of, etc. LOVE you and your blog posts.

  6. How nice for you that you have your Grandmother's vases! It is so meaningful to have treasures from loved ones.

    I love dill and I bet it made your ranch dip taste awesome!


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