Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Tech Gift from HUBBY Scores Big with This Blogger!! Gateway NE 52219u Notebook PC Review

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am the luckiest gal in the .  HUBBY is so good to me.  Every year, without fail, he brings home my favorites - long stemmed red roses and gourmet chocolates.  Who could ask for more?  

This year, HUBBY went all out to give me something that I really wanted and needed.  A new Gateway NE52219u Notebook Computer! 

I know most people replace their desktops and laptops every few years.  We are NOT most people. Wanna see our tech history?  Read the very first Fresh Juniper blog post. The last NEW computer we purchased was in 2004.  It was a Dell PC running Windows XP with a Pentium IV processor.  HUBBY has kept it working fairly well.  He upgraded the monitor, the RAM, the hard drive, etc.  The Dell still works, but the 5 year old flat screen monitor finally crashed.  It was a big tech reversal for us.  HUBBY hooked the DELL up to an old-school monitor.  Remember the ones that were bigger and heavier than a microwave oven?  Yep, that's the dinosaur now occupying a major portion of the dining room. 

Thanks to my dearly beloved HUBBY, today I enter the blogosphere with a new and modern vehicle.  FYI don't judge me or my ability to write a laptop review by my former lack of tech advances at home.  HUBBY is certified A+ Comp Tech.  I work in a modern office with plenty of PC power.  

I love the new Gateway Laptop.  For those of you who need specs, here is the label.  

 As I said, it is a Gateway NE52219u. It has:

OS: Windows 8.1  OS
Pr3 Loocessor: AMD Quad Core A4 5000
LCD: 15.6 WXGA Acer Cinecrystal LED LCD
Memory: 8GB DDR
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8330
Hard Drive: 1 Terabyte
Microsoft Office

and so much more.

This baby zips through tasks like a hot knife through butter.  It is so lightweight and easy to handle.  I'm finally learning the Windows 8.1 OS.  

Wanna know how I got it?  FlexPay.  Yep, that's right.  I am a big fan of Home Shopping Network, aka HSN.  Don't judge me.  Remember my introductory blog post. We still don't have cable television.  Rural life, right!

There are only SO many channels available to regular free TV viewers.  HSN is one of my favorites.  I'd been watching them show this laptop off and on since just before Christmas 2013.  I lusted after the 8G RAM and everything that came with this package.  

FlexPay is HSN's way of letting a customer pay out the purchase over time with no credit card and no interest.  It's kinda like layaway, but you get the merchandise immediately with the first payment instead of waiting till it's paid off to bring it home.  Pretty awesome of them, I know.  

Another thing - their unbeatable 30 day money back guarantee.  Try it out for yourself.  If you don't like it, send it back.  No need to invent a reason to return it, just tell the truth and send it right back. They stand behind everything they sell.

FYI this post is not sponsored by anyone.  I just wanted to share something wonderful with you.

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  1. Congrats on the new computer! I hope it meets all your needs and provides good and loyal service! :-)


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