Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diamond Candles Review and Giveaway!

Yahoo and a very EARLY Merry Christmas to all y'all!! I am SO excited to host the first official Fresh Juniper Review and Giveaway for Diamond Candles!!!

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Do you love candles like I do? Have any Christmas presents left on your list that aren't purchased yet?  Do you enjoy FREE giveaways that are TRULY free?  (If your odds of winning are pretty good because you know there won't be a kazillion entries in the giveaway, are you more likely to enter?)  Would you like to win a NICE gift that you'd be proud to keep for yourself of give to a friend?  If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then READ ON!

Recently I was contacted by Diamond Candles.  Ever heard of Diamond Candles before?  Me neither, which is why I did a little digging on my own to find out more about them. I learned that Diamond Candles is a veritable "MADE IN THE USA" family business dream come true.  If you'd like to know the whole wonderful story, watch their video.  I watched it and was quite impressed. 

Well, they asked me to review one of their candles and give y'all my honest opinion.  On top of that, they offered to let one of Y'ALL WIN a free candle of your choice.  In Texas, we call it a 'Two-fer'.  I get one free to review, and one lucky reader gets a Diamond Candle of their choice free.  I mean FREE y'all.  You don't pay ANYTHING for the candle.  Even the SHIPPING is FREE. 

Well, I couldn't resist THAT offer, so I picked out a candle.  Blue is my favorite color, so I chose a pretty blue candle called OCEAN MIST.  Who can resist the smell of the cucumber, melon, and sea grass?  It was absolutely intoxicating.  Love at first whiff!!  I asked HUBBY and two of our grown children, PUMPKIN and PRINCE, for their honest opinions, too.  Everyone loved it!  These candles are produced with 100% soy wax and every single one is MADE IN THE U.S.A.  They smell great and last a very long time.  

Speaking of Two-fers, here's the best part.  You get a FREE RING inside each candle.  I repeat, there is a FREE RING inside each candle.  It's like the prize you get every time you open a box of Crackerjacks, but much more elegant.  These aren't kiddie toy rings.  No way.  They are beautiful and unique designs.  Each ring is worth at LEAST $10.  Now, fasten your safety belts and get ready for this:  Some rings are worth MUCH more than $10.  Some have a retail value of $100, $1,000 and even $5,000!!!  You won't find anything like THAT inside a little ol' box of Crackerjacks, but you WILL find a ring inside EVERY single Diamond Candle.  How much will yours be worth?

Macy's Herald Square Christmas Shoppers - photo by Robert Mecea for New York Daily News

Listen up. I do love to spend a little time doing some good ol' fashion Christmas shopping at the malls every year.  The music is playing and (some) folks are full of the traditional festive holiday spirit.  There's nothing quite like rubbin' shoulders with folks in the crowd, grippin' my purse to keep it safe from the pick-pockets workin' the aforementioned know the routine.  But before the season gets into full swing, let's get on with the FREE DIAMOND CANDLE GIVEAWAY!!

In summary, this candle is WELL worth at LEAST $25.  Additionally, the FREE ring inside is worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000.  I love mine.  You will too.  Looky here at all 6 ways you can enter to win.  Do 'em ALL.  Here's a very early Merry Christmas to y'all, and good luck!

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Giveaway Update 
11/21/2013:  The giveaway is completed and the winner is Dana. Congratulations Dana!! Details on how to get your free candle have been sent to your email.  Woohoo, enjoy!


  1. I love these candles! I really want to try the cupcake scent one!

  2. I really really would like to try these candles I've heard so much about them ;)

  3. this candle reminds me of summer and i want it!

  4. The fragrance is unique and so fresh!


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