Friday, May 17, 2013

The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge - Week #20

Welcome to Week #20 of the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.  This week we save twenty dollars.  Our total saved to date is currently two hundred and ten dollars.

What a week we have had in Texas.  Literally, a tornado went RIGHT over our house (without touching down on us) Wednesday night.  We heard it, felt the pressure change, and huddled together in the laundry room until it passed.  The power has been off for nearly 48 hours.  FYI, more tornadoes are spawned in our county than any other county in Texas.  But, we are very blessed.  Family and friends are safe.  Early this morning, I took a very cold and super-fast shower before sunrise in the semi-darkness.  Brought the blow dryer to work, re-wet the hair, blew it dry, and marveled at the events of the week.  Let me say it again.  We are truly blessed.  Having no electricity in a total-electric home is a bit like camping out, but with a much softer bed.  On top of all that, we love grilling.  Hot dogs that we had for supper tasted almost as good as the ones you make on a camp out.

/ CBS News/Google Maps

I'm not sharing such personal information to get y'all to feel sorry for us.  We don't need any sympathy or assistance, but our neighbors in Granbury got hit pretty hard.  Look at the photo.  It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to help, you can make a $10 donation to Red Cross by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. The area called DeCordova near Granbury, Texas, was devastated.  Habitat for Humanity had worked hard to build that place up.  Over 50 of the 61 homes built by Habitat were destroyed.  If you are unable to  donate but want to help, please pray for them.  They need all the prayers they can get.

For weekly challenge updates, subscribe to this blog via blogger, google, or email.  If you prefer, follow me on Pinterest or Facebook.  Check out the icon buttons in the right-hand column of this page.  If you're new to the challenge, welcome aboard.  You can start this week with twenty dollars and add a little extra to the challenge amount each week until you catch up with us, or  simply begin this week as Week #1.  Whatever works best for you is fine.  For a free printable chart, check out Stuck At Home Mom's 52 Week Money Challenge.  Happy saving!


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