Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Young Women Value Color Bracelets

YW Value Color Bracelets Tutorial

Our Beehive Class is learning about the Young Women Values.  Each Value is represented by a different color.  Each has spiritual significance and helps the girls with their Personal ProgressFaith is white.  Divine Nature is blue.  Individual Worth is red.  Knowledge is green.  Choice and Accountability is orange.  Good Works is yellow.  Integrity is purple.  Virtue is gold.

As a Beehive Class activity, we discussed the values, meanings, and colors.  While we talked we made these simple bracelets in the Young Women Values Colors.

You don't need a ruler for this craft.  I just wanted to give you an idea of the size of the embroidery thread packages.  The small packages are about six inches long.

You will need one package of thread in each value color, one ring for each bracelet, and scissors.  Even after you remove the thread from the package, natural folds every six inches or so are easy to spot.  You'll need eight strands, one in each color.  Each strand should be about eighteen inches long, which is equal to three folds so you don't really need to measure it.

This photo shows everything we used except for the scissors.

You now have eight strands of thread.  Each strand is about eighteen inches long.  Divide the eight strands into two groups of four strands.  Whatever colors you want to put together is fine, just divide them up into two sets of four colors.
Even the ends on the first set and fold in half as shown below.

Push the center of the fold through the ring as shown below.

Then bring the two loose ends through the hole as shown and voila.  Your threads are attached to the ring.

This shows both sides done.  What I am NOT showing is the fact that I did them backwards a couple of times before I got it right.

The bracelet on the right is braided, knotted on both ends, and complete.  The bracelet on the left is incomplete.  You can braid these or knot them or put beads on.  Whatever you like is fine.

This was the first bracelet I completed.  I really like it.

My Beehive class and I had so much fun making these.  Some are braided and some are simply knotted a bit.  I love them.  I love these girls even more!

 This is was such an enjoyable activity.  Try making one for yourself, for a friend, or with your YW girls.  If you do, please tell me about it!


  1. That is a really cute bracelet

  2. where do you get the ring in the middle?

  3. I got the ring and the embroidery thread at Michael's.

  4. I'm going to do this for my Mia Maids Class.

    1. Hey Camille,

      Have fun with it. Send me some pics if you can when y'all are done.


  5. How do you attach them to their wrists? Just knot them on? Or is there a way to make them adjustable so that they slide on and off?

    1. Hi Sherron,

      Just tie the two ends in a knot. If there is a way to make them adjustable, then that would be even better.



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