Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Hats Blend Fashion and Function

A summertime visit to SeaWorld with my adorable granddaughter TINKERBELL and her aunt, my lovely daughter PUMPKIN.  This is how I spell summer fun.  They look so cute in those sweet summery white hats! What fun things are your planning for this summer?  Anybody hat shopping yet?

TINKERBELL and her aunt PUMPKIN wore their pretty white hats at SeaWorld.

Hats don't normally stay atop TINKERBELL's head very long.  But when she saw that her aunt was wearing a hat too, well she decided that to keep it on for a little while.  What do you do to encourage your kiddos to wear their hats?

Hats are a good idea for summer outings.  Choose a cotton or straw hat with a nice brim.  It is a stylish, smart way to blend fashion and function.  You'll be cool, cute, and protected from the sun.

Oooh, and check out the wrap PUMPKIN is wearing as a swim suit cover.  You'll be seeing it again when I finish the Poetry Scarf Tutorial post.  I made one for all three daughters, and will be sharing the details soon.


  1. Please let me know when u do post about the wrap! Did u make them? Are they hard to make?

    1. Thanks Michele for your input. I will let you know. They are so easy and I think you'll like them.


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