Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rig Steak House in Cowtown

What do you think of when you see an oil derrick in Texas?

Stacks of cash?

James Dean as Jett Rink, a character based on McCarthy, in the 1956 film Giant. From Everett Collection; digital colorization by Lorna Clark.

James Dean in the movie Spindletop?

When you drive south down Interstate 35W through Cowtown, you might be surprised to see an oil derrick just off the South Freeway near the Altamesa exit. Unless you're familiar with restaurants in Tarrant County, the idea of oil derricks doesn't automatically make you think of a steak dinner This derrick is a landmark sign for The Rig Steak House.

The Rig is built in the classic 1970's era Texas steak house style.

As you set foot inside this one-story brick and mortar restaurant,  you notice something different.  It's hard to describe, but for me, it is the closest I've ever come to traveling back in time to my teenage years and eating dinner at one of our family's favorite steak house restaurants.

  It might be the only steak house in town that still offers a BIG lunch for under six bucks.

One thing that brings this home for me is the self-service Salad Bar.  It even has a cute little sign that says "Salad Bar".  This is different than Cici's Pizza salad bar.  The Rig offers lettuce, pasta salad, pickles, tomatoes, bell peppers, and marinated mushrooms, and they even have different flavors of Jell-O gelatin.  I think it is quite reminiscent of old-style salad bars.

This mural is the central feature of the main dining room.

This decorative map of the Lone Star State, filled with symbols of Texana, is displayed above the cash register near the entrance.

But, this is not a museum.  We are talking about a restaurant, right?  How is the food?  The steaks are very tasty. The Chicken Fried Steak Dinner is pretty good.  HUBBY had this one with baked potato, pinto beans, and an RC Cola.

The Pork Chop Dinner is a new personal favorite for me.  Dinners come with two veggies plus a salad bar.  I had green beans and mashed potatoes.  Be sure and save some room for dessert.  The Rig serves slices of old fashioned, meringue topped cream pies in different flavors.

If you get the chance, visit The Rig Steak House in Fort Worth, Texas.  The address is 6308 South Freeway  Fort Worth, TX 76134 and the phone number is (817) 293-7027.  Reservations are not required.



    It's very unfair to post all this and not share :/ I love me some chicken fried steak, and this place has the best food ever. Bring some to me! Haha

  2. The pork chops were the very best and the atmosphere was homey and my partner was radiant.

  3. I LOVE this place...the food is great! You're making me hungry!!


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